Tholvi Music Video Review

For Freshers this Independent Music Video, by West Side Sagas, is pleasing to hear in the first go…!! Put together by 4 young guys who were lost in search of their paths and felt they were losers at some point of time in life.

Fear Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.

The Fear of failing is the first thing that will stop a person from accomplishing anything, but what one needs to understand is that failure is the first step to success. The biggest failure of life is when we continue to live with the REGRET of not having achieved anything.

This video could not only be their story but many such youngsters who are stuck not knowing where life would take them or the pain in their lives. It’s indeed the story of many who are in their 20’s.

The song has been sung and enacted well by Kay-Pop, Fyzzel, Jay-Tyga and Naveen. The Lyrics and the Rap portions are a must hear. The entire Music Video has been shot in Grey Scale depicting the sadness and regrets in their lives. The cinematography and direction are worth a mention.

Check it out yourselves guys!!


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