You have only ONE Head!! Protect it!!

Taking care of ourselves starts not from what we put on our face, but what we wear on top of our head.

A helmet, being a mandatory thing is often neglected by most of us due to our ignorance. Rather, due to silly reasons like sweat, discomfort or the burden to carry it. As a result, we completely forget the aftermath it causes. The loss is huge, unbearable, and can never be replaced or reversed.

We often blame our Government for most of the things, but the truth is we never follow the basic rules imposed by them. One such rule is wearing the helmet for our own safety. This has always been compulsory for both the rider and the pillion riders. And no, I’m not talking about the fancy so-called “helmets” which they show on advertisements, especially a woman wearing it which doesn’t even cover half of the face, I’m talking about the real full face helmet which comes with jaw protection.

While many traffic policemen find this as a reason to collect a fine, here is a genuine police officer spreading awareness on the same in this video.

After an accident, the brain loses around 30% of the blood and starts to dysfunction. If not treated properly in an hour, it becomes dead. Although kidney and heart can be substituted, the brain cannot be replaced. He insists on the responsibilities a man holds towards his family and society. A mother with lots of dreams brings up her child so that he would take care of the family in the future. Similarly, his siblings, his wife, his children, and even the society are dependent on him at some point in his life.
Also, while driving we end up saving a child or a dog that comes in front of our bike, by losing our lives. Therefore, wearing a helmet is a must and not to forget the basic fact that we must avoid using cell phones while driving.

So the next time you step out of your house, pick your helmet along with your bike key because safety comes first before anything else.

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