Akshay Kumar’s Social Message through his FILMS and ADS!!!

We have seen several actors contributing to the Welfare and Well-being of the Nation in their own ways and one such actor is Akshay Kumar, who has been doing several such Social films and advertisements that should surely awaken the minds of the people.

Here’s a collection of some of the Ads:

  • Inspite of being aware of all the traffic rules, we are always wrongly urged to break them. Be it, riding on a bike with more than 2 people, breaking signals, entering in a NO ENTRY, driving on wrong sides of the road, driving while talking on the phone, speeding, drinking and driving and many more. And if you think I am talking about your safety, you are WRONG. I am talking about every other person’s safety on the road who’s life is affected when you BREAK THE RULE.


  • First need in villages is the use of toilets  and to free them from the age-old practice of open defecation. And to make it even more useful, twin pit toilets are being proposed. When twin pit toilets are used, fecal matter will be passed and settled in one pit only.  When that pit is filled in about four to five years, the channel to the first pit will be closed and the second channel will be opened for the fecal matter to pass into.  After a one year rest period, the content of the first pit will be converted into manure and can be removed out and used for plants.  The same procedure can be followed when the second pit gets filled.

  • It is sad that inspite of the warning on Cigarette packs, there is no change in the minds of people. People in today’s life are so stressed that they think this is their only Stress-Buster. In this Ad, they have come up with a different ideology. Since men are not concerned about their own health, this could be a possible change if they indeed cared about their wives. Watch the ad to know more.


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