The following recipe is pretty much a Jain Recipe. And perfect timing now, when you are thinking what to make during Pajhyushan, this is a tasty treat you can give your family 🙂


  1. Wheat fada boiled- 1 cup
  2. Raw banana boiled- ½ cup
  3. Sweet corn boiled and crushed- ½ cup (can be avoided during Pajhyushan)
  4. Aamchur powder- ½ tsp.
  5. Pepper powder- ½ tsp.
  6. Red chilli powder- 1 tsp.
  7. Garam masala powder- ½ tsp.
  8. Coconut scraping- 2 tbsp.
  9. Kismis- 10- 12 piece
  10. Salt- to taste
  11. Toast crumble powder- 2 tbsp. (can be replaced with roasted roti crumble during pajhyushan)


Mix all the ingredients in the wheat fada mixture and then form nice soft dough like consistency. Divide the dough into equal size flat balls. Give the tikki shape and then coat the ball in toast crumble and deep fry in oil.

Assembling the tikki chat:-

Place the tikkis in a plate. Pour the curd over it. Apply droplets of khajur amli chutney. Sprinkle sev on it. Top it with pomegranate pieces. Sprinkle coconut scrapings on it and finally sprinkle red chilli powder and serve it.


These broken wheat patties are high in fiber content. You get iron from kismis and nuts and calcium from banana & coconut. You get Probiotic bacteria from curd.

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