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Are you worried and complaining that your children are not eating well and that they are absolutely fussy while eating?

Well, here we have Mrs. Vidhi Shah, a mom, who also had to find her ways in making her daughter eat. And that’s when she came up with this unique program, which is one of a kind in India, called EAT-A-BOO. A fun place for toddlers who would not only bond OVER Food but WITH Food.

So, she not only found something to keep herself busy, but her child as well. Now, isn’t that interesting? Yeah… but wait, read more and you’ll be amazed.

She started it with just a few of her daughter’s friends and eventually had more kids come in to her classes. If you check out the Instagram page, you’ll see how she has beautifully branded the start-up. With the beautiful pictures being clicked by her mom, Vidhi’s captions for them are catchy. The very thought behind helping children get familiar with food, making it more playful and interesting for them and teaching different skills to them at such young age, just by using eatables, is brilliant.

The following images show you, how these arrangements, when combined with games, make it more exciting for kids to try and taste new things. They get to touch and feel the different pulses. The colors make it look tasty and the shapes are an added bliss. “Children have twice as many taste receptors as adults, which is why they are often much pickier eaters.

When they come in the colors as traffic lights, its a great way to teach them to follow instructions.”


The following pictures are self explanatory. So this gives you a brief of how the activities conducted at EAT-A-BOO help in Concentration, Strengthening hands, developing fine motor skills, Hand-eye coordination and sensory play.

As u can see in the pictures, the children are absolutely having fun and some of the moms who attended the classes with their kids simply love the program.

These classes are being held at Matunga East in Mumbai for kids aged between 18 months to 3yrs.

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