Second Independence declared- Freedom for the LGBT community

September 6, 2018, marks the day of freedom, as the Supreme Court of India eradicated a part of Section 377 by decriminalizing homosexuality. Still issues like the concept of marriage, adoption and property inheritance shall persist. For all the struggles that the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, transgender) community has undergone, their voice was finally heard. Not to forget the lawyers, writers, petitioners, advocates, and other activists who have played a significant role in making this happen. The country celebrates this joyous moment with the rainbow flag flying high. The rainbow flag or the gay pride flag represents the below meaning.

Red -> Life

Orange -> Healing

Yellow -> Sunlight

Green -> Nature

Blue -> Art

Violet -> Human spirit


Now that the verdict is out,

Will the parents of the individuals accept this?

Will the individuals be treated as normal citizens?

Will the society, stop judging them?

This shall always remain a question. I really wish the mind-set of the people change and let the freedom of love fly on top of everything.

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