PUBG’s New Map: Dihor Otok!!

A winter themed map that was teased on PUBG in June appears to be called Dihor Otok. Data miners gathered some information about the map. It promises a new terrain, exciting mode of game play and an explosive new weapon. The map is likely to come in the season 4, that is winter 2018.

Here’s something you need to know about it.

Dihor Otok will be an 8 x 8 km map, making it larger than Sanhok but the same size as Erangel. It will have a diverse terrain with snow-filled mountains in the north and lush green fields in the south, which will be divided by a river and have several bridges running over it.

With the game’s plus being its realism, the river is sure to freeze up in the north and when this will be coupled with dynamic weather, like snowstorms, adapting the game play to such factors will be interesting.


The Dihor Otok map is supposed to be having a night mode, though how it will impact the game play is a matter of speculation. Moreover, the game will get a new ‘Conquest Mode’, which will involve two teams capturing one of the areas and trying to hold on to it.


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