Modern World Facts!!

Since the last few years, this small gadget, which is the whole world that we carry in our pockets, has ruined everything in our lives. From relationships, time, our thinking process to showing off to the world.

Here, we have some thought provoking paintings, which though we are all aware of, we somehow just tend to ignore them.

The Truth of Today’s Relationships:

Busy reading tweets than enjoying the sound of birds with your love.

If this is how dinner dates are gonna be!! The whole world may know about you, but partners wouldn’t get to know each other.

The older couples are more romantic than today’s generation of lovers with hunch backs.

The world of Selfies

Whether its a social service, a romantic dance or the last day of life, “Selfie toh banta hai”. WHY???

Quality of Life

Rather than spending time with nature, we are so stuck in social media. We are becoming their slaves and one final day will die with it!

Life of Kids at Stake

We have seen, even a one year old knows how to operate a phone. Kids would not need a school anymore. They will never learn to play in a playground under the sun. They will never learn discipline, to share, leadership, team building, and many more such qualities.

Health hazards

Use of phones not only affects our hands and fingers, the radiations affect our brains leading to several acute illnesses.


This wonderful invention which was made to make the lives of human beings easier has taken away everything from them. Do not ignore any warning that you read about the use of cell phones. Do not make this BOON a BANE.

It’s in our hands how we manage and restrict our use and live life the ancient way, the way our grandparents lived. And they indeed lived LONG.

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