Stuffing 1:
1. Marie biscuit powder-5 tbsp
2. Butter – 2 tbsp
3. Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp
Stuffing 2:
1. dry coconut scraping – 3 tbsp
2. icing sugar—3 tbsp
3. milk powder- 3 tbsp
4. cashew powder – 3 tbsp
5. condensed milk- according to need

Firstly, combine all the ingredients of the stuffing 1 into a dough like consistency . Bind well. Make large balls and keep aside. Then combine the ingredients of stuffing 2 in another bowl and make a dough adding just enough of condensed milk to make a dough. Make small balls out of this. Then merge both the balls into one and dip it in chocolate sauce and keep it in the fridge. Decorate with colored vermicelli chips.

Total fat- 3 g , sodium- 93 mg, total carbs- 17 g, dietary fibers – 1 g, sugars- 0 g, protein – 2g.

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