D Core – Contemporary ka naya daur

While the entire world is shifting towards Street Styles, here comes “D Core”, a team from Delhi showcasing the art of Contemporary dance on national television in India. Usually we have seen contemporary being performed as a solo or dual on reality shows, but this is the first time Dance plus has witnessed contemporary as a group. Prashant Bhandari , the artistic director of DCore, has pushed his team by bringing forth their talent and reaching top 12 on DANCE PLUS SEASON 4.

With Dharmesh’s mentoring, the team has executed different concepts every week. From all the 6 rounds that has been telecasted, our favourite pick is Punit’s prop round challenge. Their ideology and usage of the property “staircase” was exceptionally executed, giving the viewers a complete visual treat.


The effort gone into making a contemporary piece with utmost co-ordination has to be appreciated and we wish the team all the very best for their future performances.

And yes, indeed they are contemporary ka naya daur.


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