The Kings – Raise the standards of Indian Dancing in the World

Whether Dancers or not, there is not an Indian who is not proud of this huge achievement by the KINGS.  It indeed takes a lot of hard work, discipline and dedication for a team to represent India on a world stage and WINNING it with a 100/100 score is out of the world!! In spite of injuries, they always gave a DO or DIE performance on stage and made sure excuses are never the key. The team has not gone below 97 points in any of the round. They have been top on the leader board all the time. Check out all their performances.

Their 10 year struggle is Real and can be seen from their Instagram posts that they are a crew who have been together for more than a decade. In today’s times, you can rarely find people who are loyal and committed for so long, who believe in their leader and to find such a great leader who thinks about his TEAM before anything else.

Some excerpts from an interview with Suresh Mukund, man behind The Kings.

What was the process of getting to the World of Dance?

World of dance has a different pattern. It’s on an invitation basis. They research and check for talent all over the world, in different countries. So what happened was, some of our Dance Champion acts like Bahubali, Robot, etc which had gone really viral worldwide caught their attention and that’s how we got our invite.

What was the story behind keeping it all a secret for the longest time?

It was their rule that we cannot reveal any kind of footage or posters until the episode is telecast on television.

What were the challenges faced by you ?

The kind of dancing and tricks that we have been practicing for ages, the chances of injury are more. And the experience we had through this journey, we have never had in our lifetime.

Our first round was smooth and we were very confident. It was like a trial, for us to set a pattern and see if it’s being liked and appreciated and BOOM… it was loved by all. So that gave us a clue and we knew we definitely had to add tricks in all our rounds and the other thing they enjoyed was our mix of Bollywood flavor.

From the second round onwards, some or the other boys started having injuries and they were surviving on pain killers. And because of the risk of injuries, It so happened that we never did any performance full out except for once, which was straight on the stage! Being a choreographer, I only knew what was going to happen, the final output I would see on stage only. Unlike Indian Reality shows, here we cannot change or replace dancers in case of injuries.

How do you and who decides what kind of performance has to be given?

This is a very important thing that dancers or choreographers should know and understand. One should always bring out what a particular stage demands. Some stages appreciate pure dancing while some stages want more of tricks. You need to understand what the judges or channel wants from you. What will work in Dance + will not work in India’s Got Talent. What will work in World of Dance will not work in Hip Hop International. Always study and research what that stage or show demands. You cannot perform an act because you like it, it’s always based on demand. That’s how we decided to do Theatrical performances in Dance Champions and that’s what World of Dance liked too:)

What are you going to do with the $1million?

80% of this amount is going to the Dancers. At the end of the they have all shed their blood, sweat and tears for this. Most of them are from lower middle class or slums and had a dream to buy their own house. This is going to fulfill all their dreams and their parents are going to be so proud of them.

An advice or message for the upcoming generation?

Most important is that it’s the Team Leaders responsibility to give the crew a vision. Than thinking about yourself, you must think more about the crew. It could be monetarily, mentally, to make them have a belief in you that with you their life is going to get better. You need to bring your team up on different platforms. And in every team, there will be people who have different mindsets, who like to do different things. It’s important to give them what they want. You need to make a lot of compromises. You need to make decisions collectively and not be of the opinion that what you say is only right. It’s always team work. Everybody’s ideas and inputs are always welcome and appreciated. And it’s also important to give each of them their own identity. Different people lead different things in my team. I am not the only leader.

Woah!!! This proud yet Humble and down to earth man is totally an inspiration to many crews in India and abroad. Yes, they are a Global Face now!

This is definitely going to make a difference in the lives of many dancers whose parents still think, DANCE CANnot BE A CAREER.

Also, love the fact that they have proved that our Indian Culture, Indian songs or Indian dance forms are no less than International Standards. It’s time that THEY WILL FOLLOW US.

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