Top 5 best Android Apps you should have in your phone

Smartphones which were once a luxurious thing to own has now become a complete necessity for our living. While we all our completely hooked to our phone let us make it productive and useful by using the best out of it. Article feat has curated these 5 Android apps to download right away.

1. Inshorts

This is a go-to application to read the news on the go. This summarizes all the latest news in just 60 words providing only the headlines and facts, making sure you are updated with the latest current affairs. It allows you to read offline, select the topics that interest you, bookmark your favorites and share it with your friends.

2. SMS Organizer

This application has to be my favorite among the lot as it categorizes all the messages within the personal, transaction and promotional tabs in the device without storing anything in the cloud. The finance section provides a complete list of your expenditures from each account based on the messages received from the bank. It also helps in providing automatic reminders like upcoming appointments, status of PNR and even schedules a message for your friend.

3. Files

This application from Google is a must-have as it provides multiple features in a single application. It will free up a lot of space from your device by constantly checking the device’s storage and clears old/duplicate pictures, memes, unused applications, and cache. It transfers files without the internet with a nearby person who owns this application.

4. HabitNow

Developing a good habit and sticking to it with at most commitment is such a huge accomplishment. This application comes to our rescue in creating a habit, managing all your tasks and viewing the daily progress. Create your own schedule, set goals and have reminders to achieve it. On top of it, a lock pin facility is provided for your privacy.

5. Digital Wellbeing

It is quite important to connect with the real world without smartphones and this application makes sure that we do it. It shows a complete picture of the number of times you check the phone to the different apps that we use and how frequently do we use them. You can set timers to limit yourself from using a particular application. The Wind-down feature modifies the screen to gray scale at night and silences notification for a good night’s sleep.

We hope you download these applications and find them useful. Let us know in the comments if you would like us to do this as a series.


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