Family leaves city life to join father in Farming!

On one hand we see the lives of farmers is not great and on another hand we see a family from Mumbai moving to Kutch, Gujarat to join their father in the Farming of Yellow dates (what we call Kharek in Kutchi). In this video we see Mr.Dinesh Nagu interviewing the family about their decisions to migrate.

So this is Nisharg Farms in a village called Bidada in Kutch, Gujarat. They have 4000 trees of dates here. In the months of June July when the dates are ready, they are plucked and separated quality wise and then packed and sent for sale to Mumbai and other cities.

Kharek is an emerging market and not many people know about this fruit. But as Tourism is increasing, (all thanks to Mr.Amitabh Bachans Kutch Nahin Dekha to Kuch Nahin Dekha) this fruit is also gaining popularity. By the way, you can also make juice from this fruit which is equally yum (slurrrrp)

Talking to Gaurav, son of Shanti Bhai, who decided to shift from Mumbai to join his father, says that Mumbai being overly populated and polluted takes up a persons entire time in travel. Though standard of living maybe great, the quality of life is not. And lucky that he can get, his newly wed wife, Jessica, was more supportive and confident to move in here.

So good to see the younger generation setting up new trends of Reverse Migration from city to village. No doubt you get fresh air and fresh food. What else do y’ll need man??

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