Social Distancing remains a Dream!!

While we are all under the lock down for almost 10 days now, getting fruits, vegetables and other essential things is yet a tough task. We are watching the police men beating up or requesting people not to get out of their homes unnecessarily. But there are lots of people still using essential service as a fake reason and getting out and roaming on the roads (well 🙁 how long can one stay within 4 walls? blame them?).

Next, thinking about these vegetable markets, how genuinely are they actually helping the masses? Are they not taking advantage of panicking customers by hiking prices as they wish and selling stale fruits and vegetables because customers are not being allowed to enter the shops and choose. And then there are so many Dunzo guys, who agreed are helping deliver the veggies at your door stop, but are they maintaining the social distancing while doing so?

Wow, so good to see these workers doing their bit to keep the city clean in such times too. (clap clap)

But so many cleaners on one lane, Really?

You can see a man taking a picture of them . So this is all just news to publish in next days newspapers and social media? And again have a look at the Social Distancing.

Not trying to ridicule them cos they are doing a great job and it’s really appreciated. But doing so just for news makes one wonder, how much of what we see on News channels and papers is true and how much is just made up to make the Corporation look good?


We found another video, where we see a huge line of people standing to get free ration and Rs.1000/- from the government. Though this is the need of the hour, why aren’t people maintaining social distance?

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