The Holiday

(Joseph testing the mic)
Joseph: Hello…..(clears throat)
Check… check… check…
Hello everyone. It’s funny that the happiness we get even in our mid-fifties about our holidays is just crazy. Yes, the day is finally here and I am so excited about this holiday like my son did when he was in his teenage. I think there is no shame in that because if you look at the way this world works it is nothing but a circle.
Hi, my name is Joseph Mariyappan, it was the 16th of August almost a quarter past 11 in the morning and we were packing for our family trip. And by family, I mean my son, my daughter in law, and my grandchildren. Being a retired bank staff I neither have much to contribute nor to participate in our family matter these days because, at this age, our family becomes their family. Things I do in my daily life is to wake up by 6 in the morning, have a coffee by 8, do a little of exercise by 9, breakfast by 10, lunch by 1, a coffee again by 5, dinner by 8, prayer before bed, and sleep by 9.
“Fine I know this is boring, and I think that’s what made me so excited about the holidays”
We were on our way to Kodaikanal, a beautiful place. No matter how many times one has been there, it never gets boring. I used to visit this place with my son when he was in his 7th grade.

Those summer holidays were the best for both of us. As the stress, the pressure, and the tension that I underwent at work, at family and outside would vanish by seeing him smile.
There were days that I made sure I never missed this trip even if I ran out of cash, just to see him happy.
“Yes I have sacrificed my lunch so many times just to save money for the trip and the food he wishes on the trip”. So what!! he meant the world to me.
Joseph mariyappan’s son. “Daddy I have something for you”
Joseph. “Yes I am coming, son”
Wow, he bought me a ginger tea with less sugar and reserved a seat on the stone bench. My perfect vacation spot and a perfect tea. He was so sweet not to forget these, because little things are the ones we celebrate at this age, don’t we?.
I ran towards him like he did when he was in his 8th-grade where I took him to the same spot with his favorite ice cream in my hand. He created a beautiful moment all by. What else could I wish for?. My son is the best I could have. He took me almost everywhere we used to go. It was so nice and felt so good. Most importantly to be outside in the world where people actually notice you. I was totally happy to be out here leaving our home behind and those walls of my room.

The trip was extraordinary, he did everything almost every particular thing I did to him when he was a kid. But he missed out on the major part.
I used to take him on a trip to make him happy, to see him smile, wanting to explore, to do the things that I haven’t.
He did everything as I did, but the only difference is when the trip is done I used to take him straight to our home but he leaves me here in this old age home.
(Joseph wipes his tears)
“Thanks for the opportunity and this is how I spent my holidays”
(Joseph finishes his speech, in his old age home, which usually every one gives after holidays).

– Dinesh Writing –

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