The Noisy Fan

The Time now is almost thirty past 1 in the morning. I’m still awake.
“Yes! In this generation, it’s so common and I do know that” but here in my case it’s not the smartphone, Netflix, party night, random news feeds on my Instagram, or any other social media that kept me awake. It’s the noisy fan I had in my room. Yes it does it’s job and I can’t turn that off as I have got no A.C in my room.
“Arrrgggg! What the hell?”
The day started with my mom’s lecture and my dad joined her too as I was not doing any household work and was not of any kind help to them. I logged in to my work and there were a lot of meetings lined up. They pile up loads of work on a particular person and then question on not finishing them on time. “Why does this always happen to me?”
Somehow I managed to survive through the day and was hopeful to sleep peacefully. But God had other ideas. Suddenly the fan started making a loud noise. I was so frustrated with it after the terrible day i already had. I adjusted the wire, tried keeping it in a different position, cleaned up the blades. Nothing seemed to work. I gave up, turned it off and went back to bed.

In sometime I started sweating that I couldn’t sleep. I had no option but to turn on my fan.
That’s when I got an idea of looking at my smartphone. I put on my headphones and turned on to some good music. My headphones are brand new and the quality of it was remarkable which made the noise disappear.
When I was thinking about all that happened throughout the day, I had only one thing in my mind. Whatever the problem may be. No matter how big it is. The solution for it will always be simple and most importantly the solution will be in our hands. I was wasting time struggling to repair the fan that I almost forget about the solution I had in my hand. I blame my mom and dad for lecturing me in the morning but I didn’t realize where I went wrong, I blame people at the office but I didn’t try finding out the solution to finish the job. Sometimes we blame others for our mistake. If I had done the repair work earlier I would not have faced any problem in the first place. Still, I went bonkers on it by banging and hitting it.
Try fixing yourself, before you could repair others.

-Dee’s Writing

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