The Approach

Different approaches by two different people for a situation. A is a 16-year-old boy and B is a 15-year-old boy trying to get something done. Two different people, two different places, two different mindsets, and two different approaches. Let’s see how they approach and what’s the result of it.

A. OMG! I can’t pass another day, I need to do something before it’s too late or I am dead.

B. God! I can’t even think about passing another day, I have no option but to do something, or else I am dead.

A. Ahhhh! What am I going to do? How can I forget it again? It’s been two consecutive days that I am in this position .

B. Ahhhh! What am I supposed to do? How is it my fault? It’s been two consecutive days that I am in this position.

A. I can’t even come up with something that I could manage myself out of this position because it’s the third day in a row

B. I can’t even come up with something that I could manage myself out of this because it’s the third day, and I don’t know what should be done to get out of this.

A. Okay fine, Thank God!. I could see a chance of me getting this out as she is busy with her work. Am gonna do this!

B. Oh, thank God!. I could see a chance and I think I could break the streak. She is coming up with something in her hand.

A. I silently went near it, took that before she could even notice. Uffff! It’s hectic, I don’t understand why it’s so tuff daily

B. Ufffff! She dropped it and I went near it silently, desperately, and quickly. To grab it before some one could notice. God! It’s hectic, I don’t understand why it’s so tuff daily.

A. Great relief I successfully did it and finally escaped myself today.

B. No, not again. Why does it always be like this? Why can’t I just get it? I really don’t know what will happen to me.

A’s mom. Did you finish your lunch today?
A. Yes, mom here is my lunch box. ( I showed her the empty one which I dropped outside the house just now. Hope she doesn’t find out)

B. I thought there will be something to eat when she dropped the cover. But there is nothing. Only God knows how many days I could survive this hunger.

This is a short story of two different mindsets of two different people. Where both are approaching the same thing in a different perspective. ( A )wants to waste the food that he forgets to have for his lunch as he had so much at his snack time whereas ( B ) is living in the streets and is in search of food since he never had anything to eat for the past two days.

We all would have done this as children and also as grown-ups. Isn’t it? Our mom or wife prepares nice good food and packs it, and we carry our lunch box to school or work but we don’t eat it fully, sometimes we don’t even touch it just because it’s not our favorite dish. On top of that, we waste it before we could reach our home, or else we would be smashed by the one who prepares it. The real reason we were being scolded, beaten up, shouted, etc is not because we didn’t have our lunch. It’s because they know that every time we waste food, someone out there is starving to death.
It’s just that, we get hot packed food in our lunch box and 4 meals a day without knowing the pain of earning it or without realizing the pain that someone goes through for having 1 meal a day, we tend to waste food.

Take Away:
Next time think of the people that belong to the category ( B ) and don’t ever waste your food.

-Dee’s Writing ✍


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